Author: HourlyNerd

Defining Your Target Market in 3 Questions

Figure out what people need, how you can provide it, and how you can deliver it to them. Seems simple … but as with all things, the devil is in the details. Here’s how to define your target market quickly and accurately.

Capitalizing Your Business For Growth: Three Questions to Ask

In the course of interacting with the thousands of small businesses, we’ve seen financing questions arise repeatedly. While no single note could address every potential situation that might arise, we hope this piece will begin the conversation.

Top 3 Misconceptions about Food Safety

Food safety is one of the biggest responsibilities of restaurant management. The following are 3 of the most common misconceptions about food safety in the restaurant world, with facts to dispel the myths.

Profitably Sourcing Top Quality Ingredients

One of the biggest challenges for any restaurant is navigating the balance between sourcing the best, sustainably raised ingredients and also keeping menu prices accessible to as many customers as possible.

Finding the Right Restaurant Employees

Keeping great restaurant employees at your establishment can be a challenge in the food service industry. To counteract this high turnover ere are five great tips on engaging and hiring the right restaurant associates.

Food as Fuel vs. Food as a Social Utility

Several companies in the food industry are working to flip it on its head. They are shifting the view of food as a social utility o food as fuel. Even better, some are making it possible to have the best of both.