Author: Frank Cespedes

The 4 C’s of Selling

If your potential transaction requires sign off, or if you are a small business, I suggest you use the 4 C’s as a roadmap. Each C provides you with a “go/no go” decision that will reduce risks and save you time and money.

Is Your Strategy Built To Live Or Die?

Your strategy is built on your customer value proposition and there are many typologies relevant to crafting a value proposition, but the question is: what is your approach?

The Myths Behind Pushy Salespeople

What does it take to be a good salesperson? You see, sales talent has less to do with personality and relationship building than most realize. Here’s thoughts from a Harvard Professor.

Why the New Economy Still Needs Salespeople

After two decades of the “new economy” and the “disruption” of certain professions by the Internet, you might think that sales is stale and outdated. In fact, reports of the death of sales are not just exaggerated; they are wrong.

Three Ways to Fix Your Compensation Plan

An estimated 85 percent of companies in the United States use incentive plans, yet so many don’t know the impact or think their has little or no impact at all. Here’s how to avoid this.