Primary Research on a Canadian Craft Food Segment

Case Study

Primary Research on a Canadian Craft Food Segment

A leading CPG company was considering entering the growing craft consumer segment in a global market.


The Challenge


The client, a traditional CPG company was considering entering the growing craft consumer segment. For decades the client’s sector had been dominated by a handful of large brands, however the growing market share of smaller, upstart brands was causing large CPG companies to rethink their strategy about this emerging craft segment.

Typically the client would collect vast amounts of customer data to validate its hypotheses and guide go-to-market strategies, however this process is time-consuming, expensive, and requires thoughtful analysis to yield actionable insights. In an effort to better understand the Canadian artisanal food consumer quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality, a Fortune 500 CPG company turned to Catalant’s expert network.


The Expert

Understanding the attitudes, values and beliefs of this passionate artisanal food market required someone who not only lived in Canada, but who was also a market research expert that had navigated this field before. The expert, Anshul, engaged his professional network and hired three additional researchers to conduct interviews and to administer surveys to respondents in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal.



The Project

Within two weeks, Anshul conducted research in three cities and presented his findings and recommendations to the client team. Anshul developed personas of the craft consumer and profiled the consumer’s desired consumption experience to enable the company’s launch marketing.



The Results

His team’s work provided a third party assessment that validated the client’s hypothesis, shed light on consumption patterns by city, and assisted in their go-to-market strategy, ultimately refining the company’s launch budget.

By leveraging a flexible resource to conduct targeted consumer research, the client was able glean actionable insights on consumer preferences more efficiently and cost-effectively than they would have been able to by deploying traditional resources.




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