The Emergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution


A few weeks ago at The Future of Work Community Forum, I spoke to an audience of enterprise leaders about what Catalant sees as the ‘future of work’.  In short, demographic shifts, employment trends, and new technologies are fueling a massive change in how businesses and individuals get work done.

Historically, work has been tied to where you were located and what company you worked for.  But we believe that “work” is an evolving term, something that will change dramatically as more and more talent chooses to work independently.  The idea of the lifetime “company man” has gone by the wayside, as talent opts to work in a new way.
If you look at history, the way that we work has evolved over centuries, mixed with brief, but explosive, periods of change.  We believe that we are in the early days of the 4th Industrial Revolution, a period that will fundamentally change the notion of “work” as we know it today.  We also believe that where there is massive change, there is massive opportunity.
I hope you enjoy the video.  


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