How Intuit Leverages Intrapreneurship to Innovate


“Intuit is breaking down walls to allow their employees to be flexible, to innovate, to cut failing products, and to deliver profitable solutions that meet current market demands.”

This episode of the NerdCast features an interview between HourlyNerd CEO, Rob Biederman and Intuit’s Alex Chriss, VP & GM of the Self-Employed Solutions, about using intrapreneurship to develop QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE). The QBSE product, conceived and launched all in 2014, is the story of successfully combining the best of lean startups and deep corporate advantages.

At HourlyNerd, we believe that the characteristics of a startup, e.g. flexibility, innovation, lean processes, etc., can and should scale along with the business.

We’re leveraging interviews with companies like Intuit to highlight how even the largest of enterprises can run like lean startups.

For more information on how enterprises like Intuit have adopted startup characteristics, please click here


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