New Podcast: A Four-Step Process for Lasting Organizational Change

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to change behavior in an organization?

We sit down with Catalant expert Roy Johanson to cover a topic many managers can relate to – how to bring about change in an organization when people have been doing things a certain way for a long time.

Roy uses a fresh example from an operations-heavy industrial company but these lessons transcend markets.  We cover a 4-step process for bringing about change in a way that achieves support from all levels of the organization, including how to design a pilot study that can spark change in a low-risk setting.

Roy has years of experience in transformational settings so this episode is rich in actionable lessons for industrial managers or anyone looking to learn about organizational change.


About Roy Johanson:

  • CEO, Forseti Partners
  • Previous roles:
    • VP, Strategy at Amtrak
    • Consultant at McKinsey & Company
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
  • MBA, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University


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Episode Highlights

2:30 – The personal and professional challenge faced by a new COO in bringing about change

6:45 – Who to ask questions of during a diagnostic and problem-identification phase

8:00 – The importance of putting yourself in the shoes of front-line operators

9:50 – A funny story illustrating the importance of observing operations in person

10:45 – Four magic questions that reveal hidden opportunities for improvement

13:30 – How to think about designing a pilot study that can get results in a low-risk setting

14:45 – How to get buy-in from skeptics and those who often resist change

17:15 – The outcome of the study for the new COO and the organization as a whole

19:15 – How a large consulting firm might approach the problem differently

21:35 – Summary of Roy’s 4-step process for sparking organizational change

23:30 – Closing questions: best advice received, most useful business or problem-solving frameworks, book recommendations


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