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The 2 Categories of Business Strategy

Strategy is the genesis of profits. As such, businesses fall into one of two categories. Recognizing which category you’re in becomes imperative as you grow. Here’s why.

Is Your Strategy Built To Live Or Die?

Your strategy is built on your customer value proposition and there are many typologies relevant to crafting a value proposition, but the question is: what is your approach?

5 Secrets of Successful, Sales-Driven Emails

Most of us are familiar with the numerous emails we get for next month’s corporate fundraiser, business seminar, or speaker series. In this article, we’ll uncover five secrets of successful promotional emails that drive action.

Be Flexible to Buy Local Food

There is increasing interest among consumers and chefs for locally sourced food. It an provide a competitive advantage for restaurants, providing an attractive and differentiated message to consumers interested in supporting local farmers.