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What Makes a Good Team?

You have an objective, you have a timeframe, you have a sponsor, and you have resources…. Now it’s all on you determine how you build a high performance team. What’s your first move?

Stalkerish Marketing – Good or Bad?

Having control over our personal interests would be powerful on many levels. First, it would let marketers know exactly what we are looking for. Second, it would allow us to feel in control. Do you agree?

Simple Tools for Building a Website Worth Visiting

First impressions count. When potential customers surf to your website, they will judge your trustworthiness and competence within a few seconds. Make sure they stay and enjoy their experience

5 Things that REALLY Matter when Starting a Business

Stop wasting time on things that don’t directly contribute to SALES. If it doesn’t help you learn about your customer’s needs, and it doesn’t help you sell, then it doesn’t matter. As an entrepreneur, there are just 5 things that REALLY Matter.

Never Say “We Have No Competition”

Everybody has competition. For the purposes of this post, I will focus mostly on category 2, because that’s where most products and services fall: 1) Totally new and innovative 2) A better mousetrap

Chaos of the Titans

This article is about the recent comments coming from one of the titans of the venture capital community in Silicon Valley.

Product Positioning – Hype Cycles

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the enormous number of creative, entrepreneurial efforts represented by the projects submitted to Hourly Nerd for some ‘nerd’ input.

Tax Considerations in Business Cases

Lessons learned from Deloitte: “Securing Tax Benefits in IT Initiatives” – obvious business plan tax issues, potential issues, and conclusions

The Forges of Vulcan: A Short History of “Torrefaction”

A bit of background, what isn’t being said, the alternative, and lessons to be learned when it comes to the traditional coffee-roasting technology, “torrefaction”, which dry roasts bio-mass to produce bio-coal.